Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the leading authority of the Society and carries out all decisions under the mandate of the General Membership. It is composed of 15 members; 12 elected, three co-opted, so that as wide a geographic representation as possible is achieved. The Executive Committee consists of the:

  • President: who is the principal representative of the Society and chairs each meeting of the Executive Committee and of the General Assembly.
  • Vice-President: who acts on behalf of the President in the event of absence and also takes responsibility for managing work in progress delegated by the President.
  • Second Vice-President: (if required): a second Vice-President may be appointed to supervise additional work in progress, if required by the Executive Committee.
  • Treasurer: the Treasurer is in charge of the Society’s financial activities and reports annually to the Executive Committee and to the members on the financial status of the Society.  The Treasurer also chairs the Budget Committee and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee on all financial matters.
  • Secretary-General: the Secretary General is the second representative of the organization in relation to external affairs. S/he also prepares minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee and of the General Assembly.  S/he supervises all ballots carried out under the provisions of Section 8.  In the absence of the Secretary General, another member of the Executive Committee (with the exception of the President) may be appointed to carry out these duties.
  • Co-opted Members: In order to ensure international representation and a rounded pool of knowledge and experience, the Executive Committee can invite individual WSV members in good standing to join the Committee as co-opted members.

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