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Greek Society of Victimology
3, Gladstonos Str.
10677 Athens

The Greek Society of Victimology was established in the year 1986. The aims of the Society are: "the investigation and the study of the role of the victim in the process of the crime", i.e. the study of the role of the victim during the pre-crime period, the crime period and the after crime period.

In addition to this their research extends to:

  1. The study of the relations between victim and criminal, to the study of the victims personality (psychological, criminal, judical) to the study of his environment (family, social, employments-professional) and to the study of the ways of his education, therapy and protection (juridicial, social, state),
  2. To the verification of the different categories of victims and especially of those persons who are or are to be victims in the near future and,
  3. To help them to avoid to be victims. Another aim of the society is to help spread victimological knowledge.
In Greece, victimology was established by Prof. Dr. Emanuel Andrianakis. In 1972, he wrote the first book on victimology in this country. Prof. Dr. Andrianakis became president of the society from the year of its establishment (1986). His main fellow-workers were:

  • Professors Panagiotis Christinakis, John Panoussis, Kalliopi Spinelli, Christina Adonopoulou-Kourakis;
  • Doctors: Geroge Statheas (member of the Supreme Court), Nikolaos Petroulakis (a former member of the Highest Educational Council and General Director of the Training College), Demetrios Vallindras and Christos Tsouramanis.
  • Others include members of the Supreme Court (Christos Christoforidis, Charitakis, Emmanoulidis), Attorneys of the Supreme Court (Efstathiadis of the court of appeal, John Franzeskakis),and many more.

Their main effort was to introduce Victimology as a subject to be taught in the universities of Greece. Victimology was introduced as a main subject in the University of Thrace (in the North of Greece), taught by Prof. J. Panoussis, a member of the Society. The Victimology is also a minor subject taught by Salinica-Prof. Stergio Alexiadis Athens-Prof. K. Spinelli, as a part of their Criminology programs.

The Greek Society of Victimology is happy to say that the science of victimology has been spread to all jurdical circles. This happened as a result of great efforts by members of the Society. Many seminars and lectures were organised, and members of the Committee undertook to give to the audiences all possible information about the aims of the society.
A number of books have also been written;  they were given out free of charge, just as a way of communicatingthe new science of the Victimology to other profesionals.  Titles included: 'Violence in the family', 'Relations between the Criminal and the Victim', 'The Child as a Victim', 'The Child on the Razor's Edge', 'Protecting the Victim' and 'Protection of the 3rd Age'.