Victims and Victimization: Moving Towards an International Victimology

PowerPoint presentations and papers as submitted during the 2018 International Symposium on Victimology, hosted at City of Hong Kong University.


Plenary 1 -Jian’an Guo – Institutionalization of Protection of Criminal Victims’ Rights Progress, Challegnes and Solutions

Plenary 2 – Antony Pemberton – A Theory of Injustice

Plenary 3 – Benjamin Roebuck – Resilience and Victims of Violence

Plenary 4 – Fernanda Fonseca Rosenblatt – Victims of Domestic Violence and Restorative Justice in Brazil

Plenary 5 – Dennis Sing-Wing Wong – Resolving School Bullying

Concurrent Sessions

Abhinaya S. Thamba, Bella Richard and B. Shekhar – A study of feasibility of comprehensive geriatric care among residents in old age homes

Alicia Kate Clayton – A Dialogue of Growth and Change

Alina Balta – Responding to Mass Victimization with Juridical Reparations

Alina Balta – The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) and its Reparations Regime

Andrew Mutsiwa – Traditional knowledge misappropriation and cultural victimisation of indigenous communities An African case study

Angkasa Sudigdo – The Ideal Model of Humanitarian Death Penalty Implementation in Indonesia based on Victimology Perspective

Annis Lai Chu Fung, Eileen Yuk Ha Tsang, Guangdong Zhou, Man Yee Ho, Yiu Tsang Low and Bess Yin Hung Lam – Age and Gender Effects on Peer Victimization in Hong Kong Schoolchildren

Beulah Shekhar and Prema Janaradan – Birth And Beyond – The Impact of Domestic Violence Through The Antenatal Period

Bhanu Nunna – Training needs of victim service practitioners in one stop centres in Haryana

Bollineni Keerthi – Community Mediation Support Victims of Domestic Violence in Collaboration with Police

Bo-Luen Kan and Susyan Jou – Courier Fraud as A New Youth Subculture

Brenda Midson – Spousal Revenge Killings

Camille Vanier – Reporting rape

Carina Gallo – From needy to worthy

Carina Gallo and Kerstin Svensson- Victim Support the Welfare State

Carrie Ka Wai Li – Examining the applicability of Social Structure and Social Learning theory to explain IPV Victimization among College Students across National Contexts

Celia. C. Lo, Heather Gerling, William Ash-Houchen and Tyrone Cheng – From Childhood Victim to Adult Criminal

Cezary Kulesza – Fair trial for victims

Chan Wai To – The Victims of Crime Charter

Chan Wai To – Victims of Crime in Hong Kong

Chan Wai To- Crime Victim & Community Care

Charles Khamala – Excluding Hearsay Exacerbated Witness Victimization in the Ruto case

Chie Maekoya- Perception and Experience of Intimate Partner Violence among Japanese Students

Chih-Min Liu and Susyan Jou – Is Pregnancy kept her out of prison

Chockalingam Kumaravelu – Implementation of Victims’ rights in Indian Criminal Justice System

Chontit Cheunurah and Salila Narataruksa – Invisible victims

Chu-Li Liu – Helping or Re-victimization The Case of Intimate Partner Violence Female Survivors with Mental Health Problems

Chung-Weun Hou – A study on the relationships between collective efficacy and the social control behavior on campus bullying

Cily Tabane – The Implications of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in a workplace

Conny Rijken – Secundary victimisation of THB victims

Diana Eisenfeld – On Awareness and the Normalization of Violence

Dipa Dube – Sexual Victimization of Children in India

Dobrinka Chankova and Velislav Yurukov – E-evidence

Dominic Reed – Introducing doubt

Doris Chu and Yu-Shu Chen – Pathways to Offending among Female Inmates

Egberto Saldana Guido – Victims and Victimization

Erik Nadheim – Norwegian experiences with victim participation in keeping young offenders out of prison

Fawn Ngo – Stalking Victimization and Perpetration Among Asian American College Students

Fernanda Fonseca Rosenblatt, Marilla Montenegro P. de Mello and Carolina Salazar L.Q. de Medeiros – What do judges think about the application of the Maria da Penha Law

Fujie Ito – Is Restorative Justice, which Aims for Support of Victims and Rehabilitation of Perpetrators, Possible

Gema Varona – Punitive and Restorative Orientations of Victims of Terrorism in Spain

Gema Varona – Victimological Criteria in the Evaluation of a Rehabilitation Program for Men Condemned for Intimate Partner Violence

George Mawhinney – How the harm to victims was at the fore of increasing homicide sentences in Britain

Girija Shankar Bajpai – Happiness and Criminal Victimization

Gloria Egbuji – Kidnap for Ransom

Guangxing Zhu – European legislators’ attitudes towards childhood sexuality from the perspective of age of consent legislation.pdf

Gwen Herkes – Victimisation experiences of people illegally crossing the borders of the EU

Hema Hargovan- Restorative Justice in South Africa

Huiping Zhang and Huazhen Zhou – Bullying Behaviors and Psychosocial Adjustment School-aged Children in China

Jacki Tapley and Donna Watson-Elliot – Prioritising Procedural Justice

Janice Joseph – Elderly Victims of Femicide

Janice Joseph – lslamophobic Violence Against Muslim Women

Jennifer Barkley – Homicide Survivors


John Dussich and Helmut Kury – Extent of PTSD Among Syrian Refugees in German

Kamila Krygier – Tipping the Scales. Relative Deprivation, Justice Perceptions and Forgiveness of Victims in Post-Conflict Settings

Li-Chun Yeh and Susyan Jou – No party, no drugs for teenagers

Lidia E. Flores-Bush – Civil war and trauma in El Salvador

Lina Kit Ling Chow – Victim-Victimizer Relationship in Financial Abuse of older people

Man-Ho Chan et al – In rehabilitation of youth offenders

Maria Cheung, Jessica Russo and Caroline Cheng – Psychological Impact of Torture and Inhumane Treatment

Maria del Mar Daza-Bonachela – How do justice systems respond to violence against women

Maria Jose Gre – Victims’ needs of justice

Matthew Cronje – An Analysis of the Victimogenic Factors Associated with Recidivism

Michael Ho-Kin Fung – A Comprehensive Approach to Obtaining Best Evidence from and Care for Child Abuse Victims

Michael O’Connell – Procedural justice for victims of crime

Nabil Orina – Assessing the ICC’s impact on Victims’ Rights in Kenya’s Criminal Justice System

Nicole W.T. Cheung – Victimization, Social Strain and Lifestyle in Rural Left-Behind Adolescents



Pamela Kerschke-Risch – Don’t care or risk averse

Paul Cassell – Critical Perspectives on Enforcement of Victims’ Rights

Rashmi Salpekar – International Obligation towards Migrants with special reference to Rohingyas in India

Robyn Holder – The fraud of ‘victims’ rights’

Robyn Holder – Victim Advocacy

Rukhsana Siddiqua – Victimization and Women-Initiated Divorce in Bangladesh


Sarah Fletcher – Giving victims voice in parole hearings

Sharlenna Shr-Jue Wang et al. – Economic evaluation of two multidisciplinary rehabilitation interventions for population with torture and war-related trauma

Shelby Elia – Public Perceptions of Exonerees from the American Criminal Justice System


Spencer Li and Ruoshan Xiong – A Longitudinal Study of Authoritative Parenting Style and Crime Victimization among Chinese Adolescents

Tod Tollefson – Progress on comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence in the USA

Tod Tollefson – The economic consequences to loved ones following the suicide of a family member

Tracey Booth – The Law’s Response to Victims of Family Violence

Tyrone Kirchengast – Progressing Crime Victim Rights in Adversarial Systems of Justice

Tyrone Kirchengast – Victim Rights

Umi Rozah Aditya and Jaco Barkhuizen – Mewari Institutional Adat Sanction of the Lampung Tribes of Indonesia


Vibha Hetu- Importance of Dialogue

Wallace Wai Hung Tsang and Simon Tak Mau Chan – Gender Differences in Decision of Seeking Help of Chinese Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

Yangyi Li – The Role of Sexual Violence in Genocide

Yaroslava Kuchina – Victim Blaming

Yun-Fan Kao and Susyan Jou- Police-civilian conflicts

Yu-Shu Chen and Doris Chu – Childhood Victimization, Prostitution, and Crime Victimization


王明聖和徐振瑋 – 我為何要逃跑

李涵 – 涉罪未成年人觀護教育的社會工作實踐

陳藹姍 – 以敍事實踐手法揭示受害者與欺凌者的身份重疊 (The Victim-Offender Overlap) 及需要

彭淑華 – 離院之後–兒童及少年安置機構離院個案之返家經驗

黃霞和李涵 – 社會工作介入未成年人被害人救助服務的角色與功能

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