Membership application / renewal form

Copy-and-paste the following into your word processor, then print out the form.  Fill out the form and then fax or mail it to the address found at the end of the form.

Membership Fees

Membership fees structure (fees in Euros)

Student Membership:

Student Membership is for one year. Student Identification is required. Euro 15.00

Student Membership Special Offer The Student Membership Special Offer is for one year Euro 35.00 BUT we give you two additional consecutive years for free with this offer.

Regular Membership:

Regular Membership is for one year Euro 40.00

Regular Membership Special Offer: Regular Membership Special Offer is for one year Euro 100.00 BUT we give you two additional consecutive years for free with this offer.

Institutional Membership:

Institutional Membership Special Offer is for one year Euro 100,00 BUT we give you two additional consecutive years for free with this offer.

For Life Membership, please inquire per email to the Treasurer, Ass. Prof. Dr. Chadley James, email

Membership Application (Renewal) Form

Print out and mail or fax to the Treasurer

Name:  _____________________________________________________

Title and Organization:  ________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Telephone:  __________________________________________________

(Country Code) (Area Code) (Telephone Number)

Fax:   _______________________________________________________

(Country Code) (Area Code) (Telephone Number)

Email: ______________________________________________________


I agree that this information is included in the Membership Directory (online or hardcopy)

( ) yes         ( ) no

The WSV maintains an e-mail listserv through which messages about WSV events, announcements from the Executive committee, and

others WSV news items are broadcast to our membership.  I wish to be subscribed to this e-mail listserv at my e-mail address

listed above:

( ) yes      ( ) no

Primary Activity (Check all that apply)

( ) Academic        ( ) Victim Assistance        ( ) Government      ( ) Volunteer       ( ) Research

Other:  _____________________ {Specify}

Membership Types:

( ) Regular        ( ) Regular, Special Offer        ( ) Student        ( ) Student Special Offer

( ) Institutional Special Offer        ( ) Life (Contact Treasurer)

Payment process

Select your payment method below. You can pay: via credit card through our secure payment system, or via banking transfer.  In all cases, send a copy of this completed membership application to the Treasurer:

You can purchase your membership online via credit card, using the WSV’s secure system, via WorldPay’s credit card processing system.  Go to: Join the WSV – online payment

Select the membership type you wish (remembering you must meet the critera for the membership type selected), and click “Buy”.  You will be taken to WorldPay’s secure credit card processing system where you can enter your payment information.

Please note:  Upon successful payment you will receive an email with your Transaction Number.  Please include the Transaction Number below when you submit your application, so we can confirm your registration with the appropriate membership type:

(1)     WorldPay Transaction Number: _____________________


(2)     Bank transfer payment in Euros to:

Bank: Gladbacher Bank AG
Mönchengladbach, Germany
Bank code: 310 601 81
Account: 5084737013
IBAN: DE59 3106 0181 5084 7370 13
(Remember to send this application form separately to the Treasurer)


Signature: ____________________________________________________


Reduced fees for applicants from countries designated low income by the United Nations

The Treasurer is authorized to reduce fees for applicants from countries designated low income by the United Nations. For more information, communicate with the Treasurer

Dr. Chadley James
Assistant Professor
Department of Criminology
2576 E San Ramon, MS/ST104
California State University,
Fresno, CA, 93740
P 559.278.2305

Refund Policy

  • Applications for Refunds need to be made to the Treasurer Assistant Professor Dr. Chadley James ( by email
  • There will be no refunds of payments for a one year student membership.
  • The one year regular memberships are subject to the same refund entitlement as the one year special offer memberships.
  • The one year special offer memberships (one year paid and two years free) are entitled to a refund. This refund is subject to a 17.50 Euro administration fee that WorldPay charges World Society of Victimology as a “Charge-Back Fee”.
  • Members requiring refunds on the one-year special deal membership are only entitled to a refund within the first year after payment.

World Society of Victimology e.V.
Moenchengladbach, Germany
School of Social Studies,
Richard Wagner Strasse 110,
410 Moenchengladbach

Corporate Registration:
nr. VR 2230
Amtsgericht Moenchengladbach
+81 29 232 2796

Treasurer of the World Society of Victimology
Ass. Prof. Dr. Chadley James