Standards and Norms Committee


  • To develop and to maintain guidelines and standards which must be adhered to by any body providing a course which uses the name and logo of the WSV;
  • To act as a resource, providing advice and information to other providers of courses on victimology or victim assistance.


  • To collect data about existing courses and to prioritise the various types of courses which will require guidelines and standards;
  • To review and evaluate current curricula that are being used for training or educating victimologists and victim assistance professionals and to make them accessible to others, possibly through the WSV website;


The chair recommends WSV members to the President for appointment to the committee. The President and Secretary General are ex-officio members of the Committee.

Levels of Delegation

The Committee’s duties should be restricted to recommending standards and norms to the Executive Committee for final endorsement. Once these standards and norms are endorsed, they will be disseminated as appropriate.


The Committee chair will provide an annual report to the Executive Committee.


Janice O. Joseph, Professor PhD, Professor of Criminal Justice
Juvenile justice, criminology and deviance, minorities and crime, corrections
Stockton University
101 Vera King Farris Drive
Galloway, NJ 08205-9441

Tele: 609-652-4312