Communications Committee


  • To prepare and recommend new policies and structures to facilitate the activities of the Society.
  • To revise and recommend a Strategic Plan for the World Society of Victimology that reflects the objects of the World Society of Victimology.
  • To maintain a Procedures Manual that is appropriate for the good governance of the World Society of Victimology.
  • To develop a communications strategy for the promotion of the World Society of Victimology.
  • To administer the website for the World Society of Victimology.
  • To make recommendations for the priorities and policy of the WSV concerning all relevant publications


The Committee will conduct its business by e-mail and/or mail correspondence as needed but also convene tele-conferences (via Skype or similar).


The Chair and at least one other member will be members of the Executive Committee. Further members may be co-opted from the WSV membership or, with approval, on the basis of their skill or knowledge. The President will approve all committee members. The President and Secretary General will be ex-officio members of the Committee.

Levels of Delegation

The Committee must be sensitive to the activities of the other committees of the WSV and consult the relevant chairs of committees as appropriate


The Chair will report on activities and new issues arising to the Executive Committee at each annual meeting of that Committee.


Antony Pemberton, Professor PhD
Professor of Victimology & Director, International Victimology Institute
Tilburg University

Kamer M 633, Postbus 90153 5000 LE Tilburg

Tele: +31 13 466 3689